Rivendale Lodge Retreat (Darwin Escapes)

Interested parties:
Wildflower Turf Ltd, Darwin Escapes, RPS Planning & Development.

The brief:
Having partnered previously with Darwin Escapes, our latest project for the luxury lodge holiday specialists was to create a stunning wildflower haven at their recently opened Rivendale Lodge Retreat.

Set in the heart of the Peak District with views overlooking the Alsop Dale, the luxurious new lodge resort is situated within acres of Derbyshire countryside.

With conservation a key component of the resort’s development strategy, Wildflower Turf Ltd was commissioned by Landscape Architects and Environmental Consultants RPS Planning & Development to lend our wildflower expertise to this redevelopment project.

The work:
Despite the challenges of COVID-19, during spring and summer of 2020 we provided the project with 9,200m2 of a modified mix of our Landscape Wildflower Turf.

We also supplied a further 3,500m2 of a bespoke Wildflower Turf blend which was carefully designed by the Landscape Architects in discussion
with the Peak District National Park Authority ecology and landscape teams. The bespoke calcareous grassland will serve to enhance the botanical interest of Rivendale by adding locally common, UK-native colour and diversity to the landscape as well as providing a habitat for bees and other local wildlife.

The results:
As well as considerable wildflower plantings, the location also includes a number of new wildlife ponds, hundreds of native trees and a new “bat barn” to further conservation and protection of the local wildlife.

Blending beautifully into the natural setting, the extensive wildflower meadows around the site have significantly enhanced both the aesthetics and biodiversity credentials of the holiday park and will provide many ongoing benefits.