Hampstead Heath Ponds, London


BAM Nuttall

Landscape Architect:



Hampstead Heath Ponds, London


August 2015 – October 2016



Hampstead Heath is one of London’s key landmarks, with the much-loved green space enhanced by 30 man-made ponds.

Following studies which indicated that the earth dams represented a significant risk should large-scale flooding occur, a mitigation project to safeguard the local area and infrastructure was begun in April 2015.

As part of the design, new spillways were grass-lined and laid with approximately 8,800m² of bespoke-grown biodiverse Wildflower Turf, made up of a pre-specified mix of species grown specifically to complement the Heath’s unique landscape.

Delivery vehicle requirements were very strict, so 28 deliveries of turf ranging from 30m² to 600m² per load were needed and smaller vehicles were used to comply with the regulations.

The project has safeguarded and enhanced the Heath significantly, and was awarded the Community Benefit Award at the Institution of Civil Engineer’s London Civil Engineering Awards in May 2017.