Private estate in Derbyshire


April 2019

Interested parties:

Wildflower Turf Ltd, P. Riley Groundcare, Private Landowner.

The brief:

Wildflower Turf Accredited Partner, P. Riley Groundcare, was approached by the owner of a large private estate in Derbyshire to assist with a landscaping project in early 2019. Comprising an elegant mansion standing within its own Victorian landscaped park, a significant area of the estate required landscaping. The estate owner was interested in exploring the option of a wildflower meadow and contacted P. Riley Groundcare for advice.

P.Riley Groundcare suggested Wildflower Turf® Native Enriched as an appropriate and guaranteed solution that would ensure an aesthetically pleasing look and quick establishment while also being low-maintenance.

The work:

The area in question was a recently constructed ha-ha. The owner had banked up the slope using stone and hard core underneath and capped it with soil making it perfect for a meadow.

Following weed management, and a harrow, the area was raked over ready for turfing. In April 2019, the P. Riley Groundcare team laid approximately 1,000m² of Wildflower Turf® Native Enriched turf. Despite the size of the job, the team managed to complete the installation in a single day due to the ease of installing the Wildflower Turf.

The turf itself is made up of approximately 33 UK native wildflowers and grasses, plus approximately 20+ naturalised annual and perennial species, and the resulting meadow is a perfect addition to the estate.

The results:

The new meadow established itself very quickly, with the area in full flowering display by mid June 2019, and has also resulted in an abundance of wildlife populating the area.

The estate owner has been thrilled with the new, biodiverse wildflower meadow and the colour display provided by the meadow over summer has been exceptional.

The choice of Wildflower Turf® Native Enriched has provided the estate owner with an enhanced wildflower meadow with a ‘cottage garden’ look and feel that will naturalise over time. It is suitable for private grounds and estates, parks, gardens, municipal areas, and verges and roundabouts.