Jubilee River

Client: UPM Tilhill

Project: Jubilee River Embankment

Date: November 2004

Size: 4,860m²

UPM Tilhill contacted us to fulfil their remit to strengthen the Jubilee River Bank, near Windsor Castle following damage caused by flood waters of January 2003.

The Wildflower Turf was grown, to incorporate Enkazon, a reinforcing material, that would strengthen the turf and therefore stabilise the embankment which was 350m long and a 5m high bank.

The seed mix was specified by the Environment Agency, specifically to increase biodiversity along the embankment.

The Wildflower Turf was pre-grown to order and cut as large rolls measuring 2m x 20m. Once on site, these were then rolled onto a boom that was hung from chains off a JCB and then carefully unrolled down the bank as per the photo’s.

The benefits of repairing the embankment was to protect the local area from flooding during periods of high water flow in the Thames River.