No Place Like Home

Not only do wildflowers bring ecological benefits to your garden while adding visual impact, but they can also add substantial value to your home when you look to sell.

Wildflowers continue to gain momentum amongst home-owners and this is a trend that is set to continue. Look no further than the fact that a wildlife-focussed garden took out the top prize at this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

We have long espoused the aesthetic and biodiverse benefits of adding a wildflower space to your garden area and we were thrilled to learn recently that assorted experts also agree that we are on the money!

Garden wildlife expert, and director of Ark Wildlife, Sean McMenemy, has gathered insight from property specialists, revealing how gardening for wildlife could add up to almost £30,000 of extra value to a home.

And gardening expert at MyJobQuote, Fiona Jenkins, agrees: “A well-designed wildlife garden could add between 5% and 20% to your house value, depending on its size and your location.”

Butterfly sitting on Knapweed

If you’re looking to enhance the value of your property through wildflowers, we have some top tips for you:

    1.   -Nectar and pollen rich plantings are a must for conservation, with the added benefit of bringing colour and fragrance (and lashings of joy) into your garden.
    2.   -Plan your wildflower space carefully and then take a lighter touch when it comes to maintenance so that the area looks lush and natural.
    3.   -Consider a water feature and place plants, flowers and logs around it to attract wildlife.
    4.   -Bring in the experts! Contact one of our Accredited Installers and ask about easy options for enhancing your space.

We’d love to see how you have chosen to embrace wildflowers in your garden. Do get in touch with us via Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and share your photos with us!