Large Project Guidelines

Do you have a large project in the pipeline?

Despite having several growing sites, we do require some advance notice for projects that are over 5,000m².

We are no strangers to growing and delivering product for large project specifications (we’ve even grown for Amazon), but there are a few things worth considering when you are in the planning phase.

If you have a major project in the works, do ensure you are in touch with Helen or Stephanie at the outset to ensure that we allocate your requirements out nice and early!

We have three growing sites (Hampshire, Shropshire and Yorkshire) and can also grow to bespoke specification but we do need as much notice as possible to ensure that we can meet your requirements on very large orders.

If you need some turf reserved for 2023, please do get in touch and let us help you with your 2023 planning.

Contact [email protected] or to reserve your desired quantity, or phone us on 01256 771 222.