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We are continuing to make enhancements to our website and, recently, we have been fine-tuning the ‘Find an Installer’ search function.

Prospective clients can now find you via additional functionality that allows them to search quickly and easily by region, industry and size of project and this upgrade is now live.

We’ve been working hard to make sure that our website is super-responsive and a breeze to navigate around and this latest update will ensure that potential clients can find your details with the click of a button!

You may remember that, recently, Stephanie emailed and requested your company filtering options so they could be included with our latest upgrade to this page. (If you’ve not yet had a chance to respond, please do drop us a line with your requests.)

Not only does the new filtering system make it easier for prospective customers to find the right company, but this ensures that YOU receive your preferred referrals, for projects you are able to do.

Prospective clients can find you quickly and easily.

In the interest of fairness, we’ve also made some tweaks to ensure that, when the Address bar is searched, single profiles do not pop up; rather there are individual location dots available to ensure we are showcasing all of our AP’s in a particular area, rather than just one.

You are able to update or change any details on your profile (including the filtering options) by emailing  [email protected]. The majority of changes can be made within one working day, and often in just a matter of hours as we now do the majority of updating in-house. This is just another beneficial change we have made to ensure we are providing you with a quick turnaround and exceptional service.

We are constantly looking for ways to enhance our website for you, with lots of upgrades and ideas in the pipeline.

Every page of our website now features navigation to our ‘Find an Installer’ search function and you can try out the new functionality for yourself here.

We’d love to know what you think of our latest initiative so do please get in touch and let us know!

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