Accredited Partner Resource Hub

We have been in revamping mode, and our team has been working hard behind the scenes to ensure that our new Resource Hub is chock-full of information and resources specific to our Accredited Partners.

This is the place to go for product specifications, bite-size webinars, wildflower reading resources…you name it, we’ve probably included it!

The Hub is hosted on a portal that is exclusive to our Accredited Partners and is a private area where we have placed every educational and marketing resource that you will ever need when it comes to wildflower knowledge and specifications.

The new and improved Accredited Partner Resource Hub will be live early in the new year, so do look out for an email from Stephanie inviting you to register.

A sneak peek at our new Accredited Partners Resource Hub…
There are plenty of technical, educational and marketing resources to be discovered.

Once you have logged into the Resource Hub, you will have access to:

– Webinar recordings

– Species lists

– Specification documents

– Accredited Partner logos for marketing

– Photographs of our products

– Price lists

– Delivery information

– Installation guides

– Maintenance guides, inclusive of video tutorials

– Case studies

– Comparison of methods of creating a wildflower space

…and much more!

(We will also be adding online training modules to the Hub at a later date, so stay tuned for an update in due course!)