Keep it on the down-low…

It may be short in nature, but our Low Growing Limited Release mix certainly packs a punch!


Our in-house R&D team are never ones to let the grass grow under their feet and they’ve spent a considerable amount of time perfecting our latest Limited Release. Meet our species-rich Low Growing product!

Low Growing evolved from a specific request for a product that would be suitable for road verges and other areas where line of sight is a specific and required consideration.

This product is aimed at projects where biodiversity needs to be enriched or replenished at a site but there are height restrictions to adhere to. Examples may include road verges, roundabouts or near a building.

Growing to a height of approximately 40-50cm, this flora-rich mix has the added benefit of incorporating a few highly scented species which, when disturbed, throw up a heady scent and attract a considerable number of insects.

Wildflower Turf Low Grow

With a minimum of 90% wildflowers and designed to produce a dense sward of hardy perennial native and naturalised species, Low Growing also has some ornamental grasses included which add texture and a changing colour scheme to the area throughout the growing season.

Quaking grass

There is a beautiful fragrant feature to this mix; the enticing herbal aromas of chamomile and lemon balm feature dominantly when it is walked on or mown.

From a maintenance perspective, Low Growing requires only a single annual cut and remove. However, the area can also be mown on a monthly basis, making it a very versatile option for those wanting an alternative to traditional lawn. Low Growing provides biodiverse benefits while also looking (and smelling) spectacular!

Our R&D team has also trialed Low Growing using a two-cut regime (cutting in early June and again in August), and the area looks gorgeous as a result.

1 cut in the background and 2 cuts on the foreground

It is worth noting that, while multipurpose in nature, Low Growing is not a highly colourful mix nor intended for use as a flowering lawn.

Our new Low Growing release is available in our peat-free Meadowscape Pro™ format and is also available as Wildflower Turf®.

In a further step towards our commitment to minimising the impact of our activities on the environment, we have grown our Low Growing Wildflower Turf® on a biodegradable membrane, and we’ll be sharing more about this innovation with you over time.

If you would like more information about our Low Growing Wildflower Turf® or Low Growing Meadowscape Pro™ products, or to view a species list or request a trial, please give us a call on 01256 771 222 or email us at [email protected].