Top 16 Inspiring Wildflower Influencers in 2022

The first thing that comes to mind when someone hears the word “flower” is probably something like a rose or a tulip. And while these flowers are definitely extremely beautiful and a common gift, they often overshadow the beauty of wildflowers.

That being said, there are still many people who truly love and appreciate wildflowers. These botanists, photographers, and self-proclaimed flower hunters post photos of their findings on social media and become real sensations. Hence, here are 16 inspiring wildflower Instagram influencers in 2022 with both big and small fanbases.

#1 Yaz.Bouss (@yaz.b_photography)

Based in Australia, Yaz.Bouss loves sharing photos of local flora and fauna with his followers. You will find pictures of Donkey Orchids, Honeyeaters, Scarlet Banksia, Eucalyptus Rhodantha, Drosera, and many others on his page. Sometimes he even posts pictures of sunsets and sunrises and you will even see some rare pictures of parrots and other birds while plants and flowers dominate on his page.

yaz.b_photography – Instagram

#2 A Swiss Botanist (@swissbotanist)

As the name suggests, A Swiss Botanist is an amateur botanist and plant hunter from Switzerland. This page features flowers and plants that range from Trifolium Alpinum to Gymnadenia Odoratissima to Dianthus Armeria. The author of the page often includes some facts about the plants and explains whether they are common or not for the locale where they found them.

#3 Hailei Zheng (@flora.of.china)

Hailei Zheng is a photographer from China who loves to take and share pictures of local wildflowers and plants. Here, you will find pictures of Marmoritis Complanata, Cautleya Spicata, Christisonia Kwangtungensis, Henckelia Speciosa, and many others. What makes Hailei’s profile stand out is that he captions his posts in two languages – English and Chinese. This makes his account particularly appealing both to international and Chinese audiences. He tends to add some facts about the flowers in the pictures too.

#4 Sarah (@gratefully_sarah)

An influencer who simply goes by the name Sarah lives in the countryside, grows wildflowers, owns two border terriers, and loves to hike and bake. Her profile looks very aesthetic with beautiful pictures of different wildflowers and nature photography. You will see an eclectic mix of different flowers on her page, but what’s even more interesting are the captions she includes. Sarah includes interesting quotes and her own thoughts making the posts feel very personal.

#5 JunkoSato (@junk_april)

JunkoSato is a Japanese influencer whose profile is completely in Japanese, but this doesn’t prevent people from all over the world to enjoy her wildflower photography. She posts very high-quality closeups of the flowers she finds, so her followers can analyze the tiniest details of these plants. If you are a foreigner like JunkoSato and want to create your own wildflower page but you don’t know English, you can always hire a professional writer from the writing services reviews site Rated by Students who will write your captions for you.

junk_april – Instagram

#6 Birgit V. A. (@birgit.vona)

Birgit V. A. is a German-speaking influencer who posts pictures of wildflowers and captions her posts in either German or English. You will see Cornflowers, Nigella Damascena, Lavender, Hydrangeas, Poppies, and many other flowers on her page. In addition to that, Birgit loves to post insects such as bees and occasional close-ups like her photos of raindrops on leaves.

#7 Elsbeth (@nadelinde)

Another Swiss nature lover, Elsbeth posts pictures she takes with her iPhone. These usually feature wildflowers, but you will also see insects, snails, and even her own cats. From Cowslips to Marsh Marigolds to Windflowers, there is a great variety of plants featured on her page. Despite the fact that Elsbeth uses an iPhone instead of a professional camera, her pictures are all extremely detailed and of very high quality.

#8 Matt Berger (@sheriff_woody_pct)

Matt Berger is a self-described biodiversity fanatic and botanist who absolutely loves photographing everything he comes across. Most of the pictures on his page are of wildflowers and plants, but you will also see landscape photography and photos of fauna like insects, reptiles, and so on. In addition to photos, Matt also shares videos to bring these wildflowers and plants to life!

@sheriff_woody_pct – Instagram

#9 Marianne Moe (@wildflowers_by_marianne)

Marianne Moe is from Norway, lives in Oslo, and loves taking pictures of Norwegian nature. She has one account where she posts landscape photography and @wildflowers_by_marianne where she posts, you guessed it, pictures of flowers. Though she captions her posts in Norwegian, it isn’t a big issue for her international followers.

#10 Nolan Exe (@botanists_in_paradise)

Nolan Exe travels often and documents global biodiversity. The places she has visited so far include Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and others. On Nolan’s page, you will find pictures of Gesneriads, Passiflora Cumbalensis, Orchids, and many other plants. Nolan is very well-versed and often writes lengthy captions about the plants she posts on her profile. If your English skills aren’t as good as Nolan’s, you can check the custom writing reviews site Top Writing Reviews to find an expert writer who will help you write your captions.

#11 Cape Flora (@thecapeflora)

Cape Flora is a page dedicated to wildflower photography in Western Cape, South Africa. You will see flowers such as Hesperantha Vaginata, Romulea Monadelpha, Eucomis Regia, Zantedeschia Odorata, and others on this page. The author always makes sure to add a sentence or two about the plants in the photos.

#12 Charlie Jackson (@charlies.plants)

Charlie Jackson is a photographer, plant hunter, and garden designer. His page features flowers such as Violet Helleborine, Lange’s Orchid, Forking Larkspur, and so on. He also has another page called @jacksons_gardens where he also posts pictures of flora and fauna.

@charlies.plants – Instagram

#13 Andrew Lane Gibson (@the_buckeye_botanist)

Andrew Lane Gibson is a field botanist from Ohio who loves to take pictures of local plants and flowers and helps in the conservation of rare species. His page features photos of very different flowers: Silene Regia, Primula Mistassinica, Carex Flava, etc. He also likes to do some landscape photography, so his profile is a beautiful mix of both flowers and landscapes.

#14 Savino Oppedisano (@savinooppedisano)

Savino Oppedisano is not an influencer you would expect to write a lot in his captions, but his page definitely features a very beautiful collection of wildflower photography. Here, you will find flowers such as Ophrys Lacaitae, Neotinea Maculata, Melanargia Galathea, and others.

#15 Ted Smit (@tedsmit_manic_botanic)

Ted Smit is a plant hunter, amateur botanist, and collector of rare and unusual plants from the Netherlands. Ted posts pictures of flowers and plants that include Eryngium Maritimum, Lycium Barbarum, Linaria Vulgaris, and so on with short captions about the said species.

#16 James Hewetson-Brown (

Last but not least, James Hewetson-Brown is the Founder and Managing Director of Wildflower Turf who has published books on wildflowers. His company is dedicated to high-quality lawn turf production – he even created UK’s first soil-less growing system for wildflowers. A truly passionate professional, James is the leader of the wildflower niche. – Instagram


All in all, it’s definitely a good idea to give wildflowers a chance and truly appreciate their beauty. These wildflower influencers from different parts of the world have found their own love for wildflowers and eagerly share it with their followers.


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