Test Valley Borough Council boosts green space

No Mow May was embraced in the Test Valley this year, with the number of urban meadows for 2022 trebled.

Last year, as part of the council’s commitment to tackling climate change and to make local green spaces more wildlife-friendly, Test Valley Borough Council decided to relax its mowing regime across 8 hectares of green space.

Test Valley Borough Council has recently trebled the number of local urban meadows.

By encouraging grasses, plants and wildflowers to develop, the council are helping to provide valuable habitat for insects and birds.

Not only has this initiative been great for the environment, but local parks, verges and areas around recreation spaces are also looking wonderful.

Local areas have been enhanced by the programme.

Following the successful pilot (which included volunteer recorders from the Anton River Conservation Association and a number of local naturalists monitoring the different that species popped up) Test Valley Borough Council has confirmed that they will increase the area of urban meadows from 8 hectares to 24 hectares. This will also be the first time that  Hampshire County Council verge land has been involved.

Test Valley Borough Council has also attended our Council Accreditation Training in the past and we have previously supplied the Council with Wildflower Turf®.