Stock Update

Big job coming up? Don’t forget to let us know well in advance of your requirements.  

We are no strangers to growing and delivering product for large project specifications, but there are a few things worth considering when you are in the planning phase.

If you have a major project in the pipeline, do ensure you are in touch with Helen or Stephanie at the outset to ensure that we allocate your requirements out nice and early!

We have three growing sites (Hampshire, Shropshire and Yorkshire) and can also grow to bespoke specification but we do need as much notice as possible to ensure that we can meet your requirements on very large orders.

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Our Hampshire Production Site (September 2021)

Regular readers of our newsletters will know that we have increased capacity during the past twelve months, but our turf is likely to disappear quickly if it is not allocated out in advance and we hate to disappoint!

As soon as you are aware of your requirements, do get in touch and we can help you with all your planning needs.

We are currently back in stock of all of our products with the exception of Wildflower Turf® Species Rich Lawn Turf, which will become available again in mid-August.