Supporting Our Partners

We are continually looking for new ways to further support our Accredited Partners and we have recently revamped our website to ensure that potential clients can find you easily via our dedicated ‘Find An Installer’ page.

Our new search facility ensures that you can be found in a fuss-free manner – either by a potential customer searching for local installers via a postcode or by entering a specific company name.

We have been promoting this enhanced search function and we have already had some very positive feedback!

We also have a growing audience on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and higher awareness than ever before and we post very regularly. (If you’re not already engaged with us on social media, do connect with us.)

In everything that we do, we aim to generate genuine interest and excitement around our products…which results in more leads for our Accredited Partners!

If you have an interesting project, story, or success you would like to share, we are always on the lookout for new content for our blog and social media and we love to feature what our Accredited Partners have been up to – do please share photos and details with us!