How Low Can You Grow?

Quite low, it turns out! And we should know…we’ve spent a considerable amount of time perfecting our latest Limited Release. Meet our new, species-rich Low Grow product!

This product is aimed at projects where you need to enrich the biodiversity of a site (such as a road verge, roundabout or in a garden or near a building) but you have height restrictions to adhere to and/or the line of sight is an important consideration. This species-rich mix will grow to approximately 30cm in height.

This flora-rich mix has the added benefit of incorporating a few highly scented species which, when disturbed, throw up a heady scent and attract a considerable amount of insects as a very attractive habitat. Low Grow also has some ornamental grasses included which add texture and a changing colour scheme to the area throughout the growing season.

This new release is available in our Meadowscape Pro™ as a Limited Edition product and is now also available in our Wildflower Turf® format. Please contact us if you wish to see the species list and to trial this new product.

Wildflower Turf® Low Grow (Limited Edition)