Try our NEW Limited Edition Products

Not only is our new Limited Edition Meadowscape Pro™  Pollinator peat-free, but we’ve made it even easier to find an installer local to you. (But more on that, later…)

Meadowscape Pro™ Pollinator has been created by playing with a range of native and non-native wildflowers to create a tall architectural feast of colour and nectar for a wide range of insects. This mix can grow in optimal conditions to over 1m in height. There are no grasses as part of this mix – it is 100% flora only. A great mix to have in a garden as a natural nectar bar and you will always be assured of an eye-catching display during the spring and summer months!

Meadowscape Pro Pollinator is now peat-free.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for something fragrant but not quite so tall in nature, then our Limited Edition Low Grow mix may be more your style. This species-rich mix will grow to approximately 30cm in height and has the added benefit of incorporating a few highly scented species which, when disturbed, throw up a heady scent and attract a considerable amount of insects.

Low Grow also has some ornamental grasses included which add texture and a changing colour scheme to the area throughout the growing season.

Available in both Meadowscape Pro™ and Wildflower Turf® formats, our Limited Edition Low Grow product is in stock and available now.

So…you’ve chosen to enhance your space with one of these wonderful Limited Edition products. But how do you get hold of them and who will manage the installation process?

You may have noticed of late that we have made a few tweaks to our website, and we now have a dedicated ‘Find An Installer’ page.

Our new search facility ensures that you can find one of our Accredited Installers quickly and easily by either searching via postcode or by entering a company name.

By choosing one of our Accredited Installers, you will be provided with exceptional service as well as peace of mind. Our Accredited Installers have all attended our comprehensive training programme in order to learn how to install, establish and maintain wildflower spaces and they are actively supported by us.

Simply hop online, find your closest Accredited Installer and let them know your requirements. The process to a thriving meadow couldn’t be easier!