Doing Our Bit

As the climate crisis continues to evolve on what feels like an almost daily basis, we are working hard to reduce our carbon footprint across all aspects of our business.

On an easy-win level, Wildflower Turf Ltd has recycling bins placed in all of our common areas and we aim to reduce, re-use and recycle wherever possible.

We have an electric staff car and an electric mule (utility vehicle) on-site at Ashe Warren Farm and we intend to add more electric vehicles to our fleet over time.

Reduce – Reuse – Recycle

A key challenge for our industry is the use of peat. In line with public concern about the damage peat extraction does to our natural environment, Wildflower Turf Limited is committed to an annual reduction in our use of peat as a growing medium and, aligned with the England Peat Plan, aim to eliminate the use of peat by 2030.

We are already reducing the peat content of our turf with 40% less peat contained in Wildflower Turf® laid in 2022. With ongoing research and development, we are also confident that we will be able to remove peat from all of our products within the next five years, smashing our stated target of 2030.

Ahead of schedule, one of our peat-free goals has already been met and our Meadowscape Pro™ product is now 100% peat-free.

Plastic is also another major concern of ours, and our in-house Research & Development department continues to work across this area to minimise our carbon footprint and ensure that sustainability is at the core of our product innovations.

We have set ourselves a Five Year Goal of being plastic-free, with a desire to eliminate the need for plastic ahead of this timeline.

We currently have trials underway to remove netting and replace this with fully biodegradable reinforcement materials, and will be launching a limited edition run of these biodegradable Wildflower Turf® products later this year.

Research & Development is key to us reducing our reliance on plastic.

And finally, we have a robust environmental policy in place as well – do please contact us if you would like to view this document.

Wildflower Turf Ltd remain committed to making inroads and pushing boundaries and we will continue to keep you updated as we continue to adjust and modify our ways of working for the betterment of our planet.