Our Spring Accredited Partner

Nicholsons Nurseries Ltd has only been a Wildflower Turf Ltd Accredited Partner since October 2021, but the team has already put together some terrific projects featuring our Wildflower Turf® and Meadowscape Pro™ products.

Nicholsons provide a range of professional services, including Garden Design, Garden Construction, Garden Maintenance, and Forestry and Arboriculture. Based on a 23-acre site in North Aston, Oxfordshire, the team also offer a wide range of retail services.

In terms of garden design, the Nicholsons Design Studio has been designing beautiful gardens for 20 years. Founded by Managing Director, Liz Nicholson, the design team has produced award-winning gardens and are best known for their work with manor houses, country estates, heritage properties and Oxford townhouses for private clients.

A recent project of note involving Wildflower Turf Ltd has been a large Meadowscape Pro™ project, undertaken by Nicholsons for one of their private clients.

The client wished to add a large wildflower meadow, broken up with mown paths, to their extensive parkland garden space.

The first requirement was to plant several large trees in the area ahead of the preparation for, and laying of, the meadow. Specific areas were then spray-marked and sprayed off. Once the grass had died back, the remnants received a very low cut.

The Nicholsons team used a manitou to deliver bulk bags of Meadowscape Pro™ to the specified area. The bags were then split from below to allow the Meadowscape Pro™ to be deposited onto the prepared ground. The Meadowscape Pro™ was raked out, watered in and rolled as well. In total 1,280m² of Meadowscape Pro™ was laid in Mid-April of 2021.

Meadowscape Pro™ being laid in mid-April, 2021.

The six weeks following installation were very dry, with a complete absence of rain. This issue was resolved with Nicholsons using extensive pipes and sprinkler systems to ensure that the area received adequate water. This dry period was then followed by a further six weeks of rain!

Despite the erratic weather conditions, the resulting meadow established very well and flourished from the end of July to early October, delivering great colour and biodiversity in its first year.

The meadow established rapidly.
Up close and personal with the Meadowscape Pro™ Meadow.
The resulting meadow in late summer.

This is an excellent case study illustrating just how quickly Meadowscape Pro™ can establish, and the overall installation of the product is quick and easy, whether the area in question is small or, like this project, extensive in nature.

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