Mixing It Up


Our R&D department has been hard at work over the last couple of years, working on some new products and we are very excited to share these innovations with you.

We are initially selling these new products as ‘Limited Editions’ until we can gauge popularity and future demand, so do please let us know soon if you are interested in giving these a try!

Wildflower Turf® Low Grow 

This product is aimed at projects where you need to enrich the biodiversity of a site (such as a road verge, roundabout or in a garden or near a building) but you have height restrictions to adhere to and/or the line of sight is an important consideration. This species-rich mix will grow to approximately 30cm in height.

This flora-rich mix has the added benefit of incorporating a few highly scented species which, when disturbed, throw up a heady scent and attract a considerable amount of insects as a very attractive habitat. Low Grow also has some ornamental grasses included which add texture and a changing colour scheme to the area throughout the growing season.

This new release is available in our peat-free Meadowscape Pro™ as a Limited Edition product and is also available in our Wildflower Turf® format. Please contact us if you wish to see the species list and to trial this new product.

Wildflower Turf® Low Grow (Limited Edition)

Wildflower Turf® Pollinator

Wildflower Turf® Pollinator has been created by playing with a range of native and non-native wildflowers to create a tall architectural feast of colour and nectar for a wide range of insects. This mix can grow in optimal conditions to over 1m in height. There are no grasses as part of this mix – it is 100% flora only. A great mix to have in a garden as a natural nectar bar or as an eye-catching area in a park or public area.

This product is available in our peat-free Meadowscape Pro™ format only. We are not currently looking to produce this as a Wildflower Turf® product at this moment in time. Please contact us should you wish to see the species list for Wildflower Turf® Pollinator and are interested in evaluating this product.

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Wildflower Turf® Pollinator Mix (Limited Edition)