Plymouth City Council Case Study

A recent project for us has seen our wildflowers providing some wow factor as Plymouth steps back in time.

Marsh Mills roundabout is set at the entrance to Plymouth and has received a wild makeover as the city commemorates the Mayflower 400 year anniversary sailing to the US.

Our involvement has its inceptions back in July 2019, when Steve Warren-Brown of YGS Landscapes came to an open day at our Hampshire base, Ashe Warren Farm.

Steve subsequently contacted us about this particular wildflower project, with The Road to Mayflower group and Plymouth City Council co-funding the landscape-based improvement to the large Marsh Mills roundabout set at the entrance to Plymouth.

The planned spring 2020 installation was delayed due to Covid lockdown, with the install taking place in early April 2021.

YGS Landscapes placed 500m2 of Wildflower Turf Native Enriched on the outside border ring of the roundabout. Elsewhere, they installed 1800m2 of a Bespoke Meadowscape Pro mix with great colour and flowering capacity, designed for maximum visual impact.

Marsh Mills Roundabout, Plymouth (Image: YGS Landscapes)

The Marsh Mills roundabout makeover has been incredibly well received with much in the way of public feedback and social media sharing.

YGS Landscapes has also been inundated with requests for the same products for the gardens of local residents and other public spaces!

Next time you are in Plymouth, do whiz around the roundabout and give our wildflowers a wave.

Marsh Mills Roundabout Makeover (Image: YGS Landscapes)