Consultancy Projects

Wildflower Turf Ltd holds a wealth of expertise in all things wildflower and our knowledgeable team also provides consultancy to a wide variety of professionals, organisations and Councils within the landscaping and built environment industry.

One of our current consultancy clients is West Berkshire Council and Helen Gillespie-Brown is our lead on this particular project.

Helen joined the Wildflower Turf Ltd team 7 years ago and holds a Bachelor of Science in Physical Geography, a Post Graduate Diploma in Corporate Environmental Management, and has achieved the RHS Level 2 Principles of Horticulture qualification.

Helen is advising the Council on the installation of various wildflower areas around Newbury and this project is an excellent example of the way in which our knowledge base can benefit our consultancy clients.

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Helen Gillespie-Brown heads up our Consultancy team.

The first wildflower installations for West Berkshire Council were installed in April 2021, with Meadowscape Pro utilised on two different roundabouts and Wildflower Turf Landscape 34 installed on a road verge. The areas in question have delighted the public with a great deal of positive feedback received on social media. The projects have also been mentioned in the local press, and Helen has already completed site visits for another four sites within the Council’s remit, with installations planned for autumn 2021 and spring 2022.

So what do we offer and how can we help? Using the West Berkshire Council consultancy project as an example, this involved:

> Client meetings to establish needs;

> Site visits;

> Meeting with in-house contractors or finding alternative installers as appropriate;

> Writing a project specification document for all parties;

> Multi-party communication;

> Ensuring site preparation is done on time and in a satisfactory manner;

> Arranging shipment of products;

> Overseeing the installation process and ensuring watering occurs;

> Creation of signage;

> Supervision of establishment and flowering stages;

> Informing contractors when to plan in a maintenance cut;

> Troubleshooting;

> Updating of project reports;

> Provision of a case study;

> Assistance with PR.

Our consultancy service is quoted on a case-by-case basis. If you have a project that you feel may benefit, please do contact Helen at [email protected] or phone the team on 01256 771222.