CPD Training Offer

After some disruption caused by Covid-19, we are very pleased to announce that our free CPD programme is now being delivered both face-to-face and online!

So what does our CPD programme entail?

Landscape Architects need to be confident in their ideas, the materials that they choose and the designs they create in order to deliver successful results in reality. Wildflower spaces are becoming more popular over time but, as with any other living growing environment, they are not easy to create from scratch without knowledge and experience.

As pioneers within wildflower landscapes, we have packaged up our expertise into CPD (Continued Professional Development) training. Our free presentations aim to improve the knowledge of Landscape Architects when it comes to designing and specifying wildflower environments within their plans. Attendance at our presentations can be put towards required CPD hours and earn you a personalised certificate

Outline CPD content

Overall, we cover most of the core topics that underpin choosing wildflowers for a particular site or design, the site conditions, layout, supply, installation and maintenance. Where appropriate, we can tailor our CPD presentations to individual Landscape Architect practices, taking into account any live projects you may be drawing up specifications for.

Further your knowledge via our CPD Training.

Typical topics covered:

> Introduction of Wildflower Turf Ltd including our exemplar projects – Olympics etc.

> Products and specification codes – Turf, Species Rich, Bespoke, Roof, Meadowscape Pro, Bulbs

> Site-specific requirements

> Best practice installation techniques

> Sustainable maintenance requirements

> Advantages of our products over direct seeding

> Long term cost savings i.e. preparation, installation, maintenance

> Understanding and managing contractor relationships

> Design opportunities

> Legislation and regulation

> Pollution mitigation (work in progress)

If your company has not already benefitted from one of our CPD sessions, then please don’t hesitate to contact Helen Gillespie-Brown ([email protected] or call 01256 77122) to book your CPD training.