Business As Usual

As Covid-19 restrictions ease and we welcome back haircuts and tentatively start making social plans, the roadmap away from lockdown seems slightly less fraught than it did a few months ago.

Like so many others within the green industry, we were fortunate to be in a position to continue our business throughout lockdown. With isolation and increased hygiene both easy measures to implement in an outside environment, our production continued with minimal disruption. As UK communities gained a greater appreciation for green space, we found ourselves continuing to produce apace to meet demand.

Welcome to the ‘new normal’.

Despite our office-based members working predominantly from home, the team has grown in size and we have welcomed several new starters over the course of the past few months.

As restrictions ease further, the team will start to spend increased time on site and we are looking forward to a mix of office and home-working continuing. With the exception of our youngest team members (Megan and Sam, we’re looking at you) we have now all received our first jabs and are so grateful to the NHS for the amazing facilitation of the UK vaccine rollout.

With longer, warmer days on the horizon, we hope that you are also feeling a renewed sense of optimism as we march forward together to explore the ‘new normal’ and all that it entails.