Magnificent Meadow: From Go to Whoah in Six Weeks

Meadowscape Pro™  delivers for a private client in Hampshire.

With the start of a fresh year comes the promise of new beginnings and spring. The days are lengthening, and we can all dream of sunnier days and (dare we say it) maybe even begin to make some post-lockdown plans.

This month we thought we’d share a lovely wildflower meadow project with you, and we hope it both delights and inspires.

Not small in size, this 300m2 meadow is the work of a local Hampshire-based company, Adam Vetere Landscape and Garden Design, using our Meadowscape Pro™ product.

The site in question is a new build with spectacular views. The client briefed Adam Vetere with a requirement to add interest to a large area by the house, on a south-facing slope.

Area being prepared in early April 2020

Due to the nature of the site and the sizeable area of the proposed wildflower meadow, cost considerations needed to be taken into account. Having previously worked with our Wildflower Turf product, on this occasion it was decided that Meadowscape Pro™ would be a very appropriate option and this alternative has certainly not disappointed. Meadowscape Pro™ is perfect for situations where instant plant coverage is not required and is a very cost-efficient way of producing a stunning meadow with minimal ground preparation.

The undulating area designated for the meadow begins at the front of the client’s property, flanks the driveway and then snakes around past the garage to the side of the property’s kitchen.

The site was cleared by the team from Adam Vetere Landscape and Garden Design in early April 2020. To prepare the ground for the laying of Meadowscape Pro™, the nominated space was cleared back to sub-soil level, with the top soil being used elsewhere in the garden. The spring of 2020 was the sunniest on record and the warm and dry days ensured that the project rapidly progressed.

Early signs of growth

Once the Meadowscape Pro™ was in place, the area was watered daily. Within only a few weeks the seed was germinating, and the first flowers appeared within 6-8 weeks of installation.

Laid beginning of April 2020, flowering by June 2020

Following consultation with the experts at Wildflower Turf Ltd, it was decided to delay the first cut of the meadow. Rather than opting for a summer cut back, the meadow received its initial cut in October of 2020, setting it up for another wonderful display of colour come spring 2021.

Summer meadow

We are indebted to Adam Vetere Landscape and Design for sharing the wonderful photos of this project and we very much look forward to seeing what beauty and species diversity this year’s meadow produces.

As well as delighting the client, the completed project was also a Nominated Finalist at last years Pro-Landscaper Planting Design Awards.

And the final word from Adam Vetere himself? “Meadowscape Pro™ is so easy to use and this project was a resounding success. We will be using it again in the future and I can thoroughly recommend Meadowscape Pro to those looking for a dynamic wildflower meadow with guaranteed results.”

To learn more about Adam Vetere Landscape and Garden Design head over to their website:

For further information about our Meadowscape Pro™ product, visit the product page on the Wildflower Turf Ltd website: or phone us on 01256 771 222.