Wildflower Turf Finisher

Wildflower Turf Finisher has been designed to help deliver the highest possible standard to an area of Wildflower Turf®.

Developed based on feedback from established landscape contractors, this product helps deliver a top quality finish.

> Wildflower Turf Finisher is designed to fill joins, edges and small gaps for all Wildflower Turf® projects.

> Use one 20kg bag for approximately every 25m² of Wildflower Turf.

> This is a pre-seeded growing medium using all UK native species (no grass).

Need some application advice?

> Apply to edges and joins during or after the installation of WildflowerTurf, before treading in. It is not designed to be a top dressing as you can smother the existing plants.

> Can be used to dress small bare patches that may have been created.

> Water area thoroughly using a fine spray or rose head to encourage quick establishment.

> The product should be used within 3 days of arrival on site.

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