Our New Seed Barn

Here at Wildflower Turf Ltd, we place a huge emphasis on our Research & Development and we are investing heavily in our R&D resources.

We aim to be the ‘go-to’ organisation for knowledge and services in creating long-term, healthy, biodiverse green spaces.

We are very proud to introduce you to our latest R&D initiative…a new, onsite seed store and lab!

Plans for our new seed store started over a year ago as we were keen to improve the storage area for our seeds. Our new seed store is enabling us to keep the seed in a controlled environment in terms of both temperature and humidity.

To help increase our understanding of these vital ingredients to our turf, a new laboratory was also planned in as part of the new build. The immediate purpose of our new lab is to enable us to start testing germination and purity levels of the seed and ensure the highest quality of product. Read more about this in one of our latest blogs here. Moving forward, our aim is to continue to study the seeds, substrate and the methods we are using, and to continue to make improvements based on our findings.

While our new seed store and laboratory will assist in pushing the boundaries with our own product initiatives, it is also so much more and will also provide us with the ability to learn more about all aspects of wildflowers and biodiversity.