Winter 2020 Featured Partner – ESL Landscape Contractors

Our Featured Partner for winter is one of our larger partners, ESL Landscape Contractors, who has been an Accredited Partner since 2016.

Wildflower Turf Ltd and ESL have a long history together, first partnering and working together when Wildflower Turf Ltd supplied turf to the 2012 London Olympics.

Fast forward eight years and, at the time of writing, ESL has just laid the final batch of Wildflower Turf Landscape 34 turf for one of their clients. Despite the wet weather and challenging climatic conditions over the past few months, the turf has gone down incredibly well and ESL’s client has been very impressed with the product. Experienced with working with our range of products, ESL offered professional recommendations to their client in terms of turf vs seed and subsoil options, and the result has surpassed the client’s expectations.

ESL has a lengthy history themselves, delivering quality landscaping projects to both the private and public sectors for almost three decades.

With a team ranging from operational and contract managers, with their expert knowledge, to highly skilled operatives led by dedicated foreman and supervisors, ESL is one of our larger clients whose purpose is ‘turning outdoor spaces into glorious places’.

Their portfolio is diverse and they complete landscaping schemes for a wide variety of clients, including company headquarters, new schools and academies, business and retail parks, superstores and industrial estates, as well as being adept in working in ecologically sensitive areas.

For further information about ESL Landscape Contractors, visit their website.