Introducing Our R&D Team

As well as exploring new product development and monitoring existing products, our  R&D Centre also considers the ongoing management of wildflower meadows and visually records progress to assist Councils to determine an appropriate maintenance routine.

Our R&D team consists of Dr Janine Robinson and Tanya Warner.

Dr Janine Robinson is our Head of Research & Development and focusses on our continuous process function as well as managing our new product development programme.

Janine has a wealth of experience and completed her PhD at Portsmouth University as well as holding a MSc in Aquatic Biology from the University of Portsmouth and a BSc in Environmental Biology from Lancaster University. Janine’s PhD research considered the fate of pollutants in Sustainable Drainage Systems, focusing on vegetated swales and PAHs.

Away from work Janine is a keen netballer and has added two dogs to the Wildflower Turf Ltd canine family, which the team is thrilled about!

Tanya Warner is our Research and Development Supervisor and works on research into new species as well as setting up new trials and mixes for future products.

Originally from South Africa (and with some serious hockey and snowboarding credentials under her belt), Tanya worked as a Hydrometric Technician monitoring water flow and quality all over the UK before completing the RHS Certificate in the Principles of Horticulture and setting up her own landscaping business. Tanya joined the Wildflower Turf Ltd team in 2018 and has been instrumental in helping to establish our R&D Centre.

Like Janine, Tanya has recently added to our Canine Club with the addition of a Labrador puppy called Buzz who loves to “help” the R& D team whenever he can!