Biodiversity Net Gain In Cornwall

Cornwall Council has been proactive in terms of tackling the requirements of Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) and has applied a 10% net gain requirement to all major planning applications from 1 February 2020.

Submissions will need to demonstrate:

~ That the Mitigation Hierarchy has been followed (including proposals for any necessary compensation).

~ How the proposal will provide a minimum 10% net gain increase in biodiversity.

~ How the proposal will integrate into any wider green infrastructure network.

In line with DEFRA recommendations, developments will be monitored for up to 30 years to ensure that they accord with their biodiversity obligations.

In terms of minor development, Cornwall Council is exploring an approach that either simplifies the net gain metric or uses a points system as a means of encouraging the retention of existing habitat and the introduction of small scale changes that increase biodiversity on a plot by plot basis. The council will be publishing further information on the net gain requirements for minor developments later this year.

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