A Q&A with Sally Marshall Garden Design

With the help of Sally Marshall Garden Design and Wildflower Turf Ltd, Devour Restaurant in Yorkshire has transformed a riverside location into an oasis of wildflowers.

Picture courtesy of Sally Marshall

Devour at The Dyehouse is nestled in the picturesque and historic Holme Valley in Yorkshire and prides itself on providing the very best of old school Italian fare. The family run restaurant offers an evolving menu and, although newly opened, is already receiving accolades. Wishing to maximise the location of Devour, owner Olivia Robinson contacted Sally Marshall Garden Design and a beautiful wildflower environment came into being.

Picture courtesy of Devour

Sally very kindly agreed to speak to us about the project – here is what she had to say:


Tell us about Sally Marshall Garden Design?

I have been a keen gardener all my adult life. After my children arrived, I needed a change so decided to re-train in horticulture at Askham Bryan college, York.

In 2017 I established @SallyLandscapes and since then I have been designing residential and commercial outside spaces in West Yorkshire.

It is a privilege to create beautiful spaces for people to enjoy and benefit from. Being outdoors has had a significant impact on my life both mentally and physically. I gain huge satisfaction working from concept planning to a detailed design and then right through to a finished garden.


How did you come to get involved in the Devour Project?

I was approached by the owner, Olivia Robinson, whilst the building works were in full swing.

(Tastefully renovated, Devour occupies a vast space and sits within a two-storey stone-built mill and dyehouse, originally the home of The Moorland Wood-Turning Co Ltd.)

Olivia wanted to create something natural and in keeping with the picturesque surroundings of an ancient woodland next to the river Holme, and the two of us shared a similar vision for the landscape.

Devour is set in the most beautiful location and we needed something sympathetic to the environment; thus, creating a wildflower meadow seemed to be the obvious choice.


What did the Devour project entail?

I installed Wildflower Turf and there just isn’t an easier way to convert an area of your land into a wildflower meadow!

Picture courtesy of Sally Marshall

Clear the ground, roll out the turf, water it from time to time then sit back and watch it grow. The results have been truly breath-taking! Devour hosted Holmfirth Art week during July and local artists installed temporary sculptures within the meadow walk.

Picture courtesy of Sally Marshall


How has the meadow developed?

 The plants have varied through the spring and summer according to the different species of flowers in the turf. Laid in late 2018 many customers of Devour have enjoyed the space this year and all are looking forward to spring 2020 to see the meadow develop!

Picture courtesy of Sally Marshall


Like a true wildflower meadow, it is a constantly changing landscape; it looks like a little piece of countryside. In late spring and in summertime it’s a mass of wildflowers, just like the traditional meadows of yesteryear. Butterflies and bees find it irresistible and the meadow often attracts lots of other wildlife too.

Picture courtesy of Sally Marshall


This was your first project using Wildflower Turf. How did you find the experience?

All my customers have been curious about this product and I must say I was sceptical at first. When laid, I had a few comments that the turf looked ‘weedy’ but since the meadow has developed, I have had a few apologies! Everyone has been blown away. The meadow has now had its yearly maintenance cut and I will wait patiently to see what treats next year brings.

Many projects require a low maintenance, high impact solution. People are also increasingly passionate about encouraging biodiversity and making their spaces attractive habitats for wildlife. Wildflower Turf is the perfect product to meet these needs. The turf is incredibly easy to lay, and forgiving, unlike laying standard turf. The turf has always arrived in excellent condition and has been rich in plant varieties. I have now laid three meadows in the area since, each very unique to its surroundings but all equally beautiful.

Picture courtesy of Sally Marshall


For further information about Devour at The Dyehouse, visit their website here.

Connect with Sally Marshall Garden Design on Instagram: @SallyLandscapes