Wildflowers add colour to a private residence in South-West Dorset

A stunning transformation by one of our Accredited Partners.


It’s always so rewarding to view the positive changes that our Wildflower Turf brings to landscapes up and down the country and we’re delighted when our Accredited Partners share their installation successes with us.

This month’s blog features a project by Little Fones Landscapes. Based in Dorset, Joe and the Little Fones team have been Wildflower Turf Ltd Accredited Partners since October 2014.

Little Fones Landscapes specialises in providing bespoke landscaping solutions to both private and commercial clients. As well as landscape design, Little Fones offer landscape construction, garden restoration and maintenance, as well as arboricultural and conservation services.

The inception of their featured project begins with the owner of a private property in South West Dorset attempting to use seed to establish a wildflower meadow at the rear of their residence. The seeding attempt was unsuccessful and so Joe and the team were called in to assess viability and provide expert assistance!

The area in question is situated between a tennis court and a copse at the rear of the residence. A large Beech tree filled much of the space but had died and so required felling as a first step.

Picture courtesy of Little Fones Landscapes

Several other well-established trees also inhabit the site, and Joe and the team came up with a thoughtful design to enhance the area, paying deference to the existing landscape while also incorporating a beautiful wildflower meadow into the space.

Picture courtesy of Little Fones Landscapes

Once the final design had been approved, work on the project began in earnest in October 2018 with Little Fones Landscapes making the best use of the weather conditions at this time.

Following spraying off with glyphosate, the area destined for the meadow was cleared and the turf laid. Little Fones Landscapes chose to use Wildflower Turf Native Enriched Turf to create a cottage garden feel that will naturalise over time. In order to further enhance the vibrancy of the meadow, Wildflower Turf’s Bee & Butterfly Summer Scatter Mix bulbs were also under-planted at the time of the turf laying.

Picture courtesy of Little Fones Landscapes

The pictures below show the Wildflower Turf starting its full flowering season in May 2019. The landscape design by Little Fones incorporates a path running down the middle of the wildflower meadow, leading to a large Birch tree. This grass path allows those wandering in the vicinity of the garden the opportunity to truly appreciate the beauty and diversity of the wildflowers to full effect as they are actively embraced within the meadow itself, rather than just observing the meadow from a side profile.

Picture courtesy of Little Fones Landscapes

The owner of the residence is thrilled with the low-maintenance, high-impact meadow and the rear garden site has been transformed into a space of peace and calm.

Picture courtesy of Little Fones Landscapes

If you’d like to join Little Fones Landscapes as one of our Accredited Partners or if you’d like some additional information on our Accredited Partner Programme, then please do get in touch on 01256 771 222 or email us at [email protected].