Our Featured Partner for Autumn 2019

Our latest Featured Partner is PJ Le Roux from PJ’s Lawn Care Plus.

PJ has been an Accredited Partner with us since October 2015, and over the years has worked with Wildflower Turf, Wildflower Earth and has also made excellent use of our autumn install spring bulbs.

Originally from Zimbabwe, PJ spent a period of time farming before relocating to the UK. Following his relocation, PJ  began growing Sedum for a commercial installer and this is how his association with the UK landscaping industry began.

Based in Newbury, Berkshire, PJ’s Lawn Care Plus has been operating since 2014 and offers lawn care services as well as focussing on the design and installation of green roofs.

Domestic wildflower roof in Newbury, with bulbs.

PJ’s original plan was to offer lawn care services throughout the summer and focus on green roofing throughout the winter. However, he soon found that he was busy with green roof installs all year ’round!

As well as managing his own business and clients, PJ uses his green roofing expertise to partner with other like-minded companies, which provides PJ with a variety of different projects throughout the year.

A key speciality of PJ’s own business is his “Sheds Alive” brand, which offers the conversion of a plain roof into a living, growing, flowering environment that provides shelter, protection and food for a variety of wildlife. Green roofs are growing in popularity and provide a mass of plants and colour that is perfect for pollinators like bees and butterflies seeking nectar.

Domestic wildflower roof in Newbury, with bulbs.

While PJ tends to focus on installing green roofs within the domestic sector, he has also been involved in a number of commercial installations, such as the installation of a green roof for the Renault UK  headquarters near Bicester in conjunction with one of his commercial partners.

PJ also often makes good use of our Wildflower Turf product within his client’s domestic spaces, and specifies the product due to its low-maintenance nature, ability to transform an area very quickly, as well as Wildflower Turf’s reputation for attracting and supporting wildlife.

For further information on PJ’s Lawn Care Plus, visit his website here.