Meadowscape Pro™ brings wild flower joy to Buckinghamshire farm

Meadowscape Pro™ proves its worth when the going gets tough.

Here at Wildflower Turf we love a success story, especially when it involves our products going head-to-head with the somewhat inclement British weather and coming up trumps against all odds.

This month’s blog post focuses on our newly launched product, Meadowscape Pro™, and looks at how it successfully transformed an area of derelict land, despite challenging weather conditions.

Several years in the making, Meadowscape Pro™ is an enhanced growing medium for effective wild flower establishment and has also been used and approved by The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Extensively tested and enriched with Hydropor™, this specially developed formula supports good water percolation and retention, stabilising the growing medium for much better seed germination compared to more conventional seeding methods.

Meadowscape Pro™ is suitable for a number of different sites and the product delivers optimal seed germination leading to quick, healthy seedling growth, as evidenced first-hand by a client in Buckinghamshire.

The private client in question contacted Wildflower Turf Ltd with the requirement of transforming a piece of land on their estate into a wildflower meadow.

Having attended the Opening Ceremony of the London Olympic Games in 2012, the client was very taken with the wildflowers incorporated into the event (and supplied by Wildflower Turf Ltd) and so it was a happy coincidence that they chose to make contact with us several years later.

A road leading to the client’s home in Buckinghamshire winds past a tithe barn, and it was the area behind this barn, visible from the road, that the client was most interested in improving.

The land itself was derelict, with poor soil in evidence and several fruit trees in situ.

The client elected to use Meadowscape Pro™ and decided to focus on two distinct areas around the fruit trees at the rear of the barn.

The area in question was sprayed, rolled and then simply left to its own devices. After a dormant period the area required a second spray, which was duly carried out.

Following ground preparation, Meadowscape Pro™ was installed in the spring of 2018. The weather following installation was less than favourable, with non-stop rain for a considerable period of time. Once the rain stopped, the subsequent summer was extremely warm and sunny, with no rain for an extended period and the ground underfoot soon resembled concrete!

Despite these adverse conditions, there was a 2018 summertime display of wildflowers that occurred, although not in great abundance.

Apart from the removal of some thistles near the meadow itself, there was no maintenance undertaken in year one.

Despite the meadow’s challenging start, the following year (summer 2019) saw the wildflower meadow really come into its own, rewarding the patience and perseverance of the client with a stunning display of wildflowers that also attracted a great number of insects and bees.

The client intends to cut the meadow this autumn to ensure another spectacular display of wildflowers in 2020.