Introducing Meadowscape Pro™

After several years of research and product testing we are proud to announce the launch of Meadowscape Pro™, an enhanced growing medium for effective wild flower establishment which has also been used and approved by The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Meadowscape Pro™ allows for the creation of dynamic and biodiverse wild flower spaces in a range of settings with minimal ground preparation, saving time and money.

Extensively tested and enriched with Hydropor™, this specially developed formula supports good water percolation and retention, stabilising the growing medium for much better seed germination compared to more conventional seeding methods.

Meadowscape Pro™ is suitable for a number of different sites and the product delivers optimal seed germination leading to quick, healthy seedling growth.

Meadowscape installation and results. Photo’s courtesy of Elaine Bailey Garden Design

The Meadowscape Pro™ range will consist of Meadowscape Pro™ Landscape, Meadowscape Pro™ Shade Tolerant, Meadowscape Pro™ Native Enriched, Meadowscape Pro™ Annuals, and Meadowscape Pro™ Species Rich Lawn.

A tailored, bespoke version of Meadowscape Pro™ can also be made available to a more specified brief, in line with individual customer needs.

For further information about Meadowscape Pro™, please follow this link.