Wildlife & Poppies

We’ve had a plethora of wildlife enjoying all that our farm (and our wildflowers) have to offer of late and we thought readers of our blog may like an insight into just who (and what) pays us a visit on the farm!

Janine, our Head of R&D, recently spotted this hare in our Landscape 34 Turf that was laid in 2005. Landscape 34 encourages wildlife even in the smallest of spaces as it provides plenty of nectar for pollinators throughout the flowering season and a safe haven for wildlife.

The Farm has also recently played host to Kestrels (two baby chicks were born!), Barn Owls, Delilah the Duck, a sleepy fawn, plenty of bird-life (including a ringed plover) and even a slow worm!

We’ve also grown a field of poppies for a seed merchant under contract. The photo below was taken in June, doesn’t it look splendid?!! As you can imagine, the bees are in heaven.

This fawn was captured on film at the beginning of June by our Farm Manager.

And finally, spot Delilah!