Wildflowers provide Hart District Council with Biodiverse Benefits

As well as working with Landscape Contractors, Garden Designers, Landscape Architects, Green Roofing Contractors and Private Clients, we are also closely involved with a number of Councils across the UK. This month we are featuring a recent project courtesy of Hart District Council.
Wildflowers have such versatility, and this is the time of the year when we are reminded of the important role they play in the enhancement of public spaces, delivering aesthetic appeal while also bringing many other benefits, including the creation of nectar sources.
We recently worked with Hart District Council to bring about some welcome and important changes to a green space in Yateley. Specifically, the Hart District Council Countryside Services team collaborated with Yateley Town Council to create a beautiful wildflower meadow within Monteagle Park.

Monteagle Park, Yateley

As the area is suburban in nature, Wildflower Turf Ltd’s Native Enriched Turf was selected as the best turf for the job. This turf is made up of approximately 33 UK native wildflowers plus approximately 20+ naturalised perennial and annual species. A total of 1,000m² Native Enriched Turf was taken by the Council and incorporated into existing grassland.

Hart District Council has developed a number of wildflower meadow schemes over the last few years as part of their Hart Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP). First adopted in 2012, a number of new Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINCs) were designated, “bioblitz” events were held at Broad Oak Common and Basingbourne Heath, wildflower meadow creation schemes were developed across the district and biodiversity in Hart was promoted through evening talks and articles in the media.
In July 2018 a new, revised and updated BAP was adopted. The latest BAP builds on the previous plan by setting targets for biodiversity achievement in planning, site management and monitoring, education and awareness.
As awareness within the local community flourishes, so too does the latest wildflower meadow. The images speak for themselves!

Jane Biscombe of Yateley Town Council has said: “The new meadow areas in Monteagle Park look stunning and have been very well received by visitors as well as helping pollinating insects.”
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