Get 2020 Ready with Wildflower Earth™

Are you planning ahead and thinking about installing wildflowers for 2020? If so, now is a great time to plan an installation of Wildflower Earth™ for the end of August or early September with a view to establishing a lovely healthy display of perennial wildflowers for spring next year.

If you are new to Wildflower Earth™ why not trial a pilot site at the end of summer?  Autumn is a great time to install, particularly for perennial wildflower seed mixes, some of which need a cold over-wintering period to germinate effectively.
Extensively tested, our seed-based, premium growing medium will provide a guaranteed fast-growing, attractive and bio-diverse wildflower meadow in a very short space of time. Practical for both private and public locations, Wildflower Earth™ is particularly suited to large sites where instant plant coverage is not required.
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