A Kenilworth garden design completed with Wildflowers

We love seeing how our Wildflower Turf is used once it arrives with our customers and this month we’re thrilled to share some images and story behind a Wildflower Turf domestic garden makeover courtesy of Accredited Partners, Blue Daisy Garden Design.

All pictures courtesy of Blue Daisy Garden Design

Blue Daisy Garden Design create gardens in Kenilworth, Coventry and Warwickshire and the team are passionate about creating great garden design that is personalised to their clients.   (They also offer an innovative ‘design by post’ service too!)
This month’s feature garden was designed by the Blue Daisy Garden Design team, led by Nicki Jackson, and wraps around the client’s house on two sides.

The clients very much wanted to make the most of the beautiful, rural views they have and to make the most of the aspect, the rear of the garden was designed on a simple cross system. From the main patio outside the house Blue Daisy Garden Design created 4 beds anchored with a single hornbeam umbrella tree in each segment and planted these areas out with Alliums, Panicum and Verbena bonariensis which provided loose framing of the views without blocking the countryside vista beyond.

Blue Daisy also created a dry rill filled with pebbles running from the centre-point of the patio down between the beds to the centre point of the main Wildflower Turf meadow, which subsequently acts as a springboard out to the borrowed landscape beyond.

At right angles to, and running across this section of the garden, a garden retreat with a 4 arch walkway leading to it was positioned.  Climbers have been planted on the arches and, when sitting in the retreat, they frame the delightful view through the 4 beds to another, smaller patch of wildflower meadow.

Blue Daisy Garden Design installed 66m2 of Wildflower Native Enriched Turf across two key focal point areas of the garden. The Wildflower Native Enriched Turf was also under planted with spring bulbs and the clients have been delighted with their two wildflower meadows since they were installed.

Subtle lighting was also included to prolong the ambience of the garden into the night.
The symmetry and simplicity of the garden design, complimented by two vibrant wildflower meadows, has been met with great delight, and this is reflected in the clients words below:
“It’s almost 18 months since we met Nicki Jackson and started our garden design with her which was completed in spring of 2018.
Nicki suggested that within the garden plan we should introduce Wildflower Turf, a product new to us, and oh my word what a delight it has turned out to be as has the whole garden design. Nicki gave us a plant list tailored to suit our wishes but also combined them with her knowledge and skill and she oversaw the planting with her team from Blue Daisy.
The day the Wildflower Turf was laid Nicki introduced some spring bulbs underneath the turf and from spring through to autumn nature has presented us with an ever-changing view of colour and texture.  First the spring bulbs, followed by wildflowers in such an abundance and such an array of colours, that it has become the main focal point of our garden. It has created a habitat for many bees and butterflies and other insects and oh my word what a feast they have had!
Can’t really begin to describe the pleasure derived from the wildflowers last year, and this year we await their return with excitement as the spring bulbs have already presented their colourful, cheerful display. This coupled with the rest of the garden, which is now starting its second season, is giving us so much pleasure it is hard to describe. Oh what joy!!!”

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