Research & Development Update

We are thrilled to announce that, as part of our ongoing investment into our Research & Development programme, we have appointed Dr Janine Robinson as our new Head of Research & Development.

Dr Janine Robinson – Our Latest Recruit!

Janine has a wealth of experience and has recently completed her PhD at Portsmouth University as well as holding an MSc in Aquatic Biology from the University of Portsmouth and a BSc in Environmental Biology from Lancaster University.
Janine’s recent PhD research considered the fate of pollutants in Sustainable Drainage Systems, focusing on vegetated swales and PAHs.
As well as focussing on our continuous process function, Janine will also be driving forward our new product development programme.
Our latest recruit is a keen netballer and has also added two dogs to the Wildflower Turf Ltd canine family, which the team is thrilled about!
Janine joined us at Wildflower Turf Ltd on the 23rd April and, under her guidance, we will continue to share our learnings with you as our Research and Development function further develops.