Elmbridge Borough Council – Update

You may remember that last newsletter we featured a project by Elmbridge Borough Council, where they used  Shade Tolerant Wildflower Turf underplanted with naturalising spring bulbs within the environs of a natural burial site, Long Ditton Cemetary.
The Council, working with David Schoubridge of DCS Landscapes, has recently taken an additional order Shade Tolerant Wildflower Turf, Wildflower Earth and seed for Long Ditton Cemetery and for a new project at Hurst Park.
Long Ditton Cemetery includes a natural burial area which is managed as a meadowland where wildflowers and existing mature trees grow, encouraging wildlife.

Long Ditton

Hurst Park in Surrey is an incredibly popular and well-used park, with almost a mile of riverside frontage. DCS Landscapes recently cleared an overgrown area of the park and installed Shade Tolerant Wildflower Turf. A further area of Hurst Park received an installation of Wildflower Earth.
As the weather warms up users of Hurst Park will soon be treated to a stunning display of wildflowers as they pass by.
David has very kindly shared some of his photo’s of the Hurst Park Project with us, and we’re looking forward to seeing the resulting colour over the course of the next few months.

Hurst Park – Before work commenced.
Commencing clearing work.
Wildflower Turf establishment.
Wildflower Earth ready for installation.
Commencing Wildflower Earth installation.