Do you know about Native Enriched Wildflower Turf?

Want wildflowers but need them to catch the eye?
Launched in 2017, Wildflower Turf Ltd’s Native Enriched Turf™ was developed to provide maximum floral display providing more colour and interest than our Landscape Turf with the addition of naturalised annual and perennial species to our standard native wildflower mix.

Feathered Pink (Dianthus plumarius) one of the additional 24 naturalised perennials

It was designed with aesthetics very much in mind, the turf provides more of a “cottage garden” look compared to our other turf products but will naturalise as it settles into the local environment over time, typically flowering from April until September (weather dependent). It is a product that fits really well into areas of high visibility, either by the public in communal green spaces or for private customers in their own garden settings.
Turf laid in April 2018 and picture taken in June 2018

With an increased focus on landscaping that is both attractive and biodiverse, Native Enriched Turf has proven very popular with our clients as it appeals to a wide range of audience, as well as ensuring a nectar-rich habitat for wildlife.
Bee on a Common Poppy (Papaver rhoeas)

Suitable for all soil types, it is ideal for gardens, parks, municipal areas, private grounds and estates, and even verges and roundabouts. However due to the inclusion of some non-native wildflower species within the mix, it is not as hardy as our all UK native Landscape mix, so has a slightly lower tolerance of drought and shade, or being in windy exposed sites. If in doubt about whether this product is right for the site you have in mind, just give us a call to discuss and we will be happy to advise.
Vipers Bugloss and Borage in full flower

As is the case with all our products, Wildflower Turf Native Enriched™ is low-maintenance, requiring only one or two cuts a year. We recommend a cut and remove every Autumn, with a potential second cut and remove occurring during the early summer months if you have a particularly fertile site or species dominance occurring. Please ensure that all cuttings are removed from the site each time to prevent mulching or adding fertility to the site with rotting material. Again if you are not sure when to complete your cut and removes, please call us for advice or refer to our blog on Maintenance here.
Similar to our Wildflower Turf Landscape product, the unique, soil-less system of Wildflower Turf Native Enriched™ turf provides excellent weed-suppression and is very quick to establish.
University of York

For further detail about Wildflower Turf Native Enriched™, drop us a line [email protected] or give us a call on 01256 771 222.