Council Roadshows

Due to a number of recent enquiries and interest shown by councils who can’t travel as far as Hampshire or North Yorkshire, we are planning on running a series of Council Training Roadshows in 2019 in order to come to you instead!
This is where we ask a Council to host us and we will run a full day workshop onsite.

Our training session will cover; the advantages of wildflowers, how to install them and how to maintain your wildflowers to ensure you get the most successful results.

We will ship samples of seed, Wildflower Earth and Wildflower Turf and will conduct a practical, hands-on, “how-to-install” session on a designated trial site, finishing the day with a troubleshooting workshop to ensure everyone is happy and confident to handle any issues that might arise.

We invite other councils within a reasonable travelling distance to attend the day too so it’s a shared experience across the region where possible. The hosting council will benefit from free training for their team and free trial areas of wildflowers too.

Do you work for a council who might be interested in hosting a training day? In particular, we are looking for centrally located councils in Wales, the Midlands, and  Northern and Scottish regions.

If you think you might be interested please contact [email protected] or call 01256 772900.