Wildflower Turf Makes the Grade

Never one to let the grass grow under our feet (!) the Wildflower Turf team have been delighted to assist the University of York enhance their environment as they work towards the completion of new campus facilities.
The University commenced work on the construction of a new building, The Piazza Learning Centre, in Autumn 2015, with the project due to be completed next month. Containing a range of high-quality learning spaces and facilities for those living and studying on the University’s Campus East the new building will offer, among other things, a 350-seat auditorium and a large restaurant with fantastic lake views.

University of York – The Piazza Learning Centre, artist impression

At the outset of the project, the University of York had a very clear and practical biodiversity plan, developed in conjunction with Gordon Eastham (Grounds Maintenance Manager), for the picturesque lakeside campus where the Piazza Building was to be built.

Wildflower Turf laid around landscaping features – picture from J Palmer (Landscapes) Ltd

This part of the campus is a definite natural asset to the University and, whilst they wanted the building to be sympathetic to the local landscape, it was equally important that it was fully accessible to their student population.
To enhance the natural environment and in keeping with the University’s biodiversity plan, Wildflower Turf has supplied over 1,800m² of our unique Native Enriched Wildflower Turf to the project. The Wildflower Turf was installed in November 2017 and has provided the University with a wonderful and aesthetically pleasing space.
1,800m² Native Enriched Turf installed in November 2017 – picture from J Palmer (Landscapes) Ltd

Additionally, the 50+ species within the turf will help the project to qualify for very good BREEAM standards.
Aerial view of the site – picture from J Palmer (Landscapes) Ltd

Other key parties involved with this project include Interserve Construction Ltd (Design & Build contractors), Race Cottam Associates, (Architects), J Palmers Landscapes (Landscape contractors), and Martin Woolley Landscape Architects.