A University success story – Aberystwyth University

Wildflower Turf has been receiving a great deal of interest from Universities in recent months.  In May our MD James Hewetson-Brown was a key note speaker at the University Horticultural Officers Conference at Heriot Watt University http://bit.ly/2rlGmEd. However prior to this we have this great example…
In December 2015, Paul Evans, Head Gardener at Aberystwyth University placed an order for 476m² of Wildflower Border Non Native Turf http://bit.ly/2pTM0K6 which was delivered and installed in November 2016.
Paul has kindly shared with us images which show the story of his team completing the ground preparation i.e. ground clearance and then installation of bulbs from our bulb supplier, Jub Holland Bulbs http://bit.ly/2rhV3Zj before laying our Wildflower Border Non Native turf on top and giving it a good water in.  Underplanting Wildflower Turf with bulbs can extend the flowering season, creating more colour and interest when the turf is fairly dormant and encouraging with public engagement over the year http://bit.ly/2pU2m5j. The turf typically takes over from the bulbs when it flowers from May to September.
Site Clearance

October 2016 – Shrubs encroaching on path making pathway narrow and preventing light from the building above from shining onto the path below.

Staff clearing shrubs approx. 3 metres up the bank, mini digger taking shrub roots out and new LED lamp posts have been installed.
Bulb Installation

Crates of spring display bulbs from Jub Holland spread along bank.
Bulbs scattered onto the bank

Wildflower Turf Installation
November 2016 – Laying the Wildflower Turf and an irregular strip of ordinary turf along the bottom that would provide a strip of lower grass next to the path to avoid any damage to the Wildflower Turf from anyone that strayed from the path and gave a good delineation to the Wildflower Turf for design purposes

Flowering display
February 2017 – Some flowers have been flowering in the winter, daisies and crocus are starting to appear.

Early March 2017 – Bulbs are really starting to emerge.

Mid March 2017 – Lovely coverage of flowers.

End of March 2017 – Lots of variety and colour

End of March 2017 – Great display from the bulbs

Early April 2017 – A much lighter and brighter view down the road from what was there before.

Mid April 2017 – The bulbs and the wildflowers blend perfectly to give a colourful display.

End of April 2017 – The wildflowers start to emerge.

Early May 2017 – Great display of biodiversity and colour

Early May 2017 – We look forward to seeing this site develop over the coming season.

Results to date
The turf was laid in a prominent situation on the main drive to the main campus at Aberystwyth University and it has proven to be a huge hit with the public and students entering and exiting the campus.
I don’t think a day has gone by without someone remarking how good it is looking, it has surpassed what we thought it would look like!”  Paul Evans, Head Gardener