Be the very best at delivering wildflower landscapes to your clients.

Wildflower Turf offer an incredible range of products that we know provide landscaping professionals enormous potential to grow their business. In order to maximise  on these opportunities our Accredited Installer scheme offers landscapers fantastic advice, creative solutions and expertise in selling, installing and maintaining wildflower environments, as well as ongoing support from our team. We believe our scheme gives an unrivalled insight and training in how to deliver a guaranteed wildflower environment.
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Why be an Accredited Partner
As an Accredited Partner, landscapers will gain the following key benefits:

  • extensive training in delivering successful wildflower landscapes
  • exclusive discounts on the full range of Wildflower Turf products
  • referrals from Wildflower Turf Ltd for jobs as Accredited Partners
  • access to a dedicated Accreditation Manager from Wildflower Turf Ltd
  • extensive online and offline marketing support to promote your expertise and status

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What will I learn on the course?
The training is spaced over one day and covers many areas of interest including:

  • how the turf is produced
  • the species
  • preparation of site
  • laying the turf – including embankments and roofs
  • establishment of the meadow
  • maintenance
  • creative design with wildflowers
  • biodiversity and conservation issues relevant to your clients
  • costing examples
  • on site tours and practical demos looking at the turf products used in a number of different applications – roof, embankments, wooded areas etc.

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Feedback from previous Accreditation Training
The feedback has been incredible from our newly Accredited Installers and we are sure they are already reaping the benefits from their specialist wildflower environment training.  Just to give you an idea of the feedback that we have had, 100% of accredited members said  the structure and content of the practical sessions was excellent or good, 100% said the structure and content of the presentation sessions was excellent or good and 100% said the course exceeded or met their expectations.
We were particularly interested in how our Accredited Partners rated the benefits that the accreditation provided them with and we were quite surprised with the results. We had assumed that the discounted pricing structure on the turf would be easily the most important benefit but the rankings proved to be different. Most important was increased knowledge, second were the leads and opportunities created by being accredited, third was the technical support offered by our specialist team, and equal fourth was the sales and marketing support and better pricing.
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I am interested, what next?
If you are interested in becoming an Accredited Partner then we would love to hear from you. We are creating a select club of professional landscapers throughout the country that will be fully equipped to offer their clients an informed, creative and trustworthy solution to wildflower landscapes. We intend to have partners located throughout the length and breadth of the UK but it will remain an exclusive group to insure we have just the right amount of landscapers in the different regions.  Please follow the link to let us know of your interest, or get in touch with Toby on 01256 771222 for more information. Accredited Partner Application Form
When are the next courses?
The next accreditation courses will run in this Autumn, dates are 1st, 15th and 22nd October.
If you are a garden designer, landscape architect or contractor  interested in furthering your expertise in wildflower landscapes this course is for you. Do get in touch to find out more, we would love to hear from you.
The cost is £199 + VAT and includes a light lunch and refreshments throughout the day.