Becoming an Accredited Wildflower Turf Installer – An Installer's View

We could continue to sell you the amazing benefits of being an Accredited Installer of Wildflower Turf but sometimes it is more useful to hear from one of our Accredited Partners to find out why they chose the training programme with Wildflower Turf Ltd.
Nick Walker from ABG Ltd specialises in creating bespoke geosynthetic products for engineering problems involving soil or water – for example: green roofs, walls, embankments, SuDS, erosion control. He explains why he decided to become an Accredited Installer of Wildflower Turf.
“About two years ago, I was looking for an effective solution for green roofs. I had trialled a number of turf products and had found huge inconsistencies. These inconsistencies were twofold, thickness of product and species variety.”
“When laying wildflower turf onto a green roof there is no room for error. The look needs to be consistent with species spread at the same rate throughout the whole expanse of roof with no patchiness. Any inconsistencies are immediately visible on a pitched roof and cause a headache for correcting the problem as it is very difficult to patch areas on a roof. “
“Wildflower Turf is far superior to any other that I have trialled, perfect for the prestigious jobs that we often work on. Becoming an Accredited Partner meant I got to know the product range in more detail, as well as develop a strong link with the Wildflower Turf team. Seeing how the turf is produced has convinced me of the excellent quality. The training helped me understand not only how to install and maintain wildflower areas but also gave me the confidence to use the turf for a wide variety of applications. The mix of both practical and workshop sessions was a good blend for a whole days training and the ability to chat to the whole team throughout the day reassuring for relationship building.”
“As an Accredited Installer of Wildflower Turf I now have a great relationship with the team there and with my requests that are often a bit out of the ordinary, I feel nothing is too much trouble.”
Nick is currently working on the new Alder Hey Hospital buildings where 3000 m² of Wildflower Turf are being installed onto both flat roofs and sloping walls. It is a fascinating project and one that is sure to bring him landscaping accolades. We are proud to supply ABG Ltd and look forward to seeing the Alder Hey project complete later this year.

Alder Hey

If you are interested in becoming an Accredited Installer for Wildflower Turf, our next training days are on 19th, 24th and 26th March. Costs for the training day are £199 + VAT. More information can be found on the ‘Become an Installer‘ page or call Toby on 01256 771222.