How to ensure your Wildflower meadow comes back better each year.

Due to the recent hot and sunny spells, a lot of people are thinking about what to do with their Wildflower meadows.

Our advice has always been to cut with a strimmer and remove the cuttings with a rake and then use the highest setting on your lawn mower and remove via the collector on the back.
This should be carried out in the autumn, ideally after the plants have set and shed their seed. Not only does this tidy up the area for the winter but it stops the senesced summer growth from covering the growing plant in a layer of rotting plant material. o

An open sward over the winter ensures healthy, disease free plants which can benefit from what light is available to them during these months. As the spring approaches the wildflowers and grasses are in the perfect position to develop flowers and seed heads quickly to repeat their perennial cycle thus guaranteeing a wildflower meadow year after year.