A gift of wildflower meadows…

Geoffrey Court, from The Circle Works in London wanted to create a Wildflower area to surround the memorial to a friend and co-worker.

We all thought what a lovely idea. We supplied about 30m² of Wildflower Turf to Geoffrey back in September 2011. Such a thoughtful thing to do, and it will always provide flowers year on year because they are perennials. Not only will it look attractive but it will also support a whole host of insects from bees to butterflies to beetles, which in turn will attract birds and mammals!
Geoffrey has been diligently taking a photograph of the turf every month, and every time he does, he thinks, “I should send the guys at Wildflower Turf the pictures.” “Well, here they are,” he commented.  They look fantastic and show how the turf has progressed over the seasons.

Wildflower Turf in January 2012                                            February 2012
March 2012                                                                                 April 2012
May 2012                                                                                      July 2012
August 2012                                                                                September 2012
October 2012                                                                               November 2012
December 2012                                                                           January 2013
February 2013

These pictures illustrate the transition month to month quite clearly, and show how the turf progresses. It would have been advisable to cut the meadow down to an inch during the month of September in preparation for the new growth in the following spring.
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