An update to a beautiful garden

A couple of years ago Helen Elks-smith winning entry for the Jacksons Fencing Show Garden competition, utilised our Wildflower Turf to great effect. In order to extend the flowering season Helen decided to add Aquilegia which is a beautiful plant and worked perfectly with the wildflowers due to the fact that they are clump-forming herbaceous perennials. Not only are they striking in form with their bonnet-shaped flowers, but quite colourful. The design brief stated that the design needed to suit an environmentally sensitive young couple who didn’t have time for gardening, yet loved being outside. Quite a typical design brief for a garden designer in the 21st century, especially in urban areas.
As the images below show by mid May (back in 2011), the meadow is happily filling the ‘borders’ framing, yet softening the edges of the hard landscaped areas.

Helen very kindly sent us some updated pictures of the garden. The Wildflower Turf has matured perfectly a year later and it is looking very healthy and has established admirably.