Instant meadow really is; instant!

“One year’s seeding makes seven year’s weeding”. This is a farming adage that is very relevant when preparing to sow a wildflower meadow. The soil is full of weed seeds that will establish at the same time as the seed that is sown.

With our Wildflower Turf the correct seed ratio and sowing rate for a wildflower meadow to thrive has already been worked out, which negates the need for you to do any complicated workings out and trials in order to achieve a well-balanced wildflower meadow! The turf needs laying but once this is done the meadow is underway! No risk and guaranteed to work. Wildflower Turf Ltd has a wealth of experience and knowledge to help, both before and after installation.
Featured below was a project that offered the opportunity to demonstrate just how
beautiful a wildflower meadow can look when integrated into an innovative modern design. Full of flair and elegance, the design by landscape architect Ian Kitson, displayed distinct echoes of Antoni Guadi’s Parc Guell but with an English twist.

Although this project was undertaken a few years ago, it does demonstrate clearly how quickly the Wildflower Turf establishes and develops.
The first set of photographs (above) were taken in May 2010 and the second set (below) were taken only two months later in July!