Science & Conservation at Kew

As well as a World Heritage Site with 250 years of history, Kew is a world leading plant science and conservation organisation. Kew Gardens is also famous for the impressive array of glasshouses it boasts, which prove to be the most popular features within the grounds. Their scientific resources and expertise are focused on finding plant-based solutions to global challenges such as biodiversity loss, food and water security, poverty, disease and changing climate. The strategy at the heart of this work is Kew’s Breathing Planet Programme.
Philip Griffiths, Displays Co-ordinator at Kew has sent through some lovely pictures showing the Wildflower Turf in 2012, around the Princess of Wales conservatory. They successfully installed 170m² of our Wildflower Turf back in April 2012. The Princess of Wales Conservatory enjoys the most complicated glasshouse at Kew because it recreates ten climatic zones, all of which are computer controlled. 

Wildflower Turf freshly installed
A wonderful display of Ragged robin gives the meadow a pink hue early on in the season


The meadow has taken on a different look with whites and purples dominating later in the season

Thank you to Philip Griffiths for the supply of the photos.